Retention is King of 2023

Photo by Karen Neri on Unsplash

Retention is King of 2023

Retaining your customers is important, but retaining your teams is crucial.

More important than ever before. The ability to retain customers will be one of the key metrics that will decide if your business will sink or swim. And boy, we all want to swim toward 2024 and beyond.

What's even more important is to retain the people around you, if you have enough cash "in" your bank. I believe that every business has a bucket of key employees that truly understand the business, have historical context and can influence decisions that will drive the growth further.

This article is a reminder to every role and every employee at every company. Put on your CEO hat, ask your colleagues how are they doing and figure out how can you either motivate them or improve the processes together so you can weather this awful storm together.